feel a wave of disgust and shame [pass/passing] through me

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Hi all! Is the pink word "pass" grammatically correct? Should it be "passing"?

But now I look down at myself and feel a wave of disgust and shame pass through me when I realize that I am in sweatpants and a loose tshirt, with no makeup ... (From Shared by the Soldiers: A Military Wife Sharing Romance Novel)
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    The writer is speaking in a detached, objective Commentary style of English, in the Present Tense. 'pass' is correct.


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    Both would be correct.

    The difference between the simple form of the verb and the continuous form is always the same - you should learn it. :thumbsup:

    The simple form describes a single, isolated, action. -> she feels it pass and then she realizes...."
    The continuous form describes the action as it is 'in progress', and always indicates that the action takes some time/has a duration. she is experiencing it happening and, at the same time as this is happening, she realizes..."

    (Crosspost: MilkyBarKid is correct because he is speaking of the style, whereas I am speaking of the grammatical construction.)
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