feel free to keep them or throw them away

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How do you say

feel free to keep them or throw them away ( i am talking about household items)

Thank you!
  • yudhisthirag

    Spanish (Spain), English (UK), Catalan
    Hello there,

    It could be any of the following (and a plethora of variants):

    Quedáoslos o tiradlos/echadlos (a la basura)
    Tanto podéis quedároslos como tirarlos
    Por mí, os los podéis quedar o tirarlos.
    Vosotros mismos, os los quedáis o los tiráis.
    Tomaos la libertad de quedároslos o de tirarlos.

    (The phrase "tú mismo", "vosotros mismos" is used to give freedom of decision to the listener, e.g. "¿Me llevo las almendras?" R: "Tú mismo", i.e. it's up to you).


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    Does this sound natural in Spanish or does it sound like a translation from English?
    It does not sound natural in Spanish, sounds too literal a translation. Siéntete en libertad de... could be used instead, even though it sounds more formal than the other options.
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