Feel Like Something/Or someone?


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I have found these definition for "feel like":

1. (DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG) To want to have or do something.
I feel like grabbing am icecream. ( I want to grab an icecream)

2. (DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG) To seem to be soemthing.
It feels like spring. (It appears to be spring)

3.(DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG)(esp. of weather) To seem likely to do something.
It feels like its going to rain. (It seems likely to rain)
4.(WORDREFFERENCE.COM) Informal. To have sensation.
I feel like ants are crawling up my skin. (I have sensation that something is crswling up my skin)

What does the 'feel like' mean is these expressions "I feel like... a king... a slave... a fool... Eeinstein... a stone... a monster... Donald Trump... a god... etc." ?

Is the 'feel like' here a state reached mentally, emotionally, or physically that resembles (like) someone or an object?
Or would it fall under on of the definitions abve?
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