feel tired and sluggish

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Sasha woke up feeling tired and sluggish.
(from Macmillan English Dictionary)

The dictionary explains the adjective 'sluggish' as 'not performing or reacting as well as usual'. A thesaurus explains it as 'slow', with an opposite 'lively'. But I can’t very well understand its meaning.
Hard work can cause one to feel tired. What causes one to feel sluggish? Is it related to such states as 'inactive', 'lethargic', 'languid' or 'spiritless'?

Thank you​
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    All those words can describe sluggish. The cause could be one's tiredness for example when one is only half awake or hungover, so all your normal functions seem to take more conscious effort.


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    Are you familiar with the animal called a slug, Allegro? It's a mollusk without a shell, found in many gardens. It moves very, very slowly—so slowly it hardly moves at all; it sort of drags itself along. If you feel as if that's the only way you can move (and perhaps think!), you feel sluggish.
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