feel underneath, but that was where the men were, each......

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    Source: Greek Mythology http://www.goddess-athena.org/Encyclopedia/Athena/Odyssey.htm 32nd Paragraph

    I can't understand the blue part. Would you please be kind enough to clarify it to me?
    The most important words that make no sense to me are "feel underneath" and "middle ram"
    I can not understand what the blue part says to us.

    Thank you
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    Did you read this sentence, sb?

    He bade each man choose out three thick-fleeced rams and bind them together with strong, pliant strips of bark; then to wait for day, when the flock would be sent out to pasture.

    The men tied three rams together, and then clung to the underside of the ram in the middle. Polyphemus only felt the backs of the rams, expecting the men to be on top.
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    Thank you.

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