Feeling two-foot small.


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what means this??
this is a song from the beatles call you've got to hide your love away
and what is the right way to say
"what this means?" or "what means this?"
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    He he, that's a question for me. :D
    He meant that he felt small, not proud of himself.
    Lennon had first intended to say the correct sentence: "feeling two-foot tall" and made a mistake and sang "feeling two-foot small" but found it funny and decided to keep it.

    (ha, incredible the amount of things you can learn with the Beatles!)


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    Oh, I've got another question... If "foot" is singular and "feet" is plural, why do they write "two-foot"?

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    There is no such thing as "feets". "two-foot" is allowed when it is an ADVERB or ADJECTIVE. You can also use "two-feet tall". They are completely interchangeable! Not sure if one is "more correct" than another but both are used in real life and in the written and spoken media.
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