1. Sheylabsb Senior Member

    Barcelona (Spain)
    Spain Spanish

    Bueno, no sé si es correcto preguntar esto en este foro porque no es exactamente una traducción lo que necesito pero espero que algún nativo me pueda ayudar con mi duda: Son los mismo 5 feet 8 inches, que 5.8 feet? Gracias!!!!!!!! Sheyla
  2. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    no. 1 ft = 12 in
    o sea... 8 in = 2/3 ft.

    5ft 8in = 5.666 ft
  3. ksequen

    ksequen Banned

    Guatemala, Spanish
    Definitivamente no.

    1 feet = 12 inches

    5 feet 8 inches = 5.66 feet
  4. Sheylabsb Senior Member

    Barcelona (Spain)
    Spain Spanish
    Gracias a los dos por la aclaración, es un poco lío cuando estás acostumbrada a los metros y los centímetros, besitos, Sheyla
  5. snat Member

    Actually, that is how Americans write our height when we abbreviate, for example on the forms that we fill out at the doctor's office. So yes, 5.8" would be five feet, eight inches. The quotation marks after the 8" mean that it is inches, not a decimal point. Someone who is 5 feet, four inches would never write their height as 5.25. That would involve too much math and would just confuse us.
  6. sneaksleep Senior Member

    Actually, I would never put my height as 5.8" To me that would mean that it is 5 inches and 8/10 of an inch. Instead, I would put 5' 8" where the apostrophe indicates feet and the quotation mark indictes inches. However, I agree, I would never use decimals like 5.66 feet.
  7. Andréstable Banned

    Estoy de acuerdo con esto: 5'6'' quiere decir "5 feet, 6 inches," which is 5.5 feet, or 5 and 1/2 feet.

    imperial system is strange.

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