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    The lexical meaning of the word 'felicitation' is congratulation. So far I have known that a person superior in rank felicitates if his junior has achieved any feat but kindly tell me can the word 'felicitate' be used by juniors if they are congratulating their seniors. Let me illustrate my point with an example. our Principal has been conferred upon presidential award and all the teachers have organised a programme for her for achieving this feat. Can we call it 'felicitation ceremony' or celebration of ma'am's success.
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    Felicitation doesn't by itself imply a senior-junior relationship between the person felicitating and the person being felicitated. Anyone can felicitate anyone else.
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    I am glad that someone from India answered this because I have never heard felicitate used as a verb. I've only ever heard it used to mean "congratulations," as in "Greetings and felicitations!" Even then it was used somewhat sarcastically. This word is not in common use in the US.

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