feliz cumpleaños

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    Would anyone be so kind as to write the Feliz Cumpleanos song for me (if you can sing it as well, that would be nice).
    By the way, does it have a specific name or is it just cantar feliz cumpleanos??

    muchas gracias y otras buenas cosas,

  2. pinkpanter

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    Hi Davkko,

    I think the name is just "la cancion de cumpleaños feliz" and "cantar el cumpleaños feliz"

    ¡Cumpleaños feliz!
    ¡Cumpleaños feliz!
    Te deseamos todos
    ¡Cumpleaños feliz!


    Another song for you:

    ¡Porque es un chico/a excelente!
    ¡porque es un chico/a excelente!
    ¡porque es un chico/a excelente!
    y ¡siempre lo será!
    ¡y siempre lo será!

    (This last is an equivalent of: for he is a jolly good fellow...which nobody can't deny)
  3. steffiegomez

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    Mexican "Mañanitas":
    Estas son las mañanitas
    que cantaba el Rey David
    a los(las) muchachos (as) bonitas (os)
    se las cantamos así:
    Despierta, mi bien despierta,
    mira que ya amaneció
    ya los pajaritos cantan
    la luna ya se metio

    Sorry, bad voice, cannot sing, or will destroy the song...
  4. lauranazario

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    Here is a little something that may be of interest for everyone... :D

    Did you know that the song/melody "Happy Birthday to you" is protected by copyright laws?
    Does than mean you have to pay royalties every time you sing it?

    For the whole story, read here: http://www.snopes.com/music/songs/birthday.htm

  5. reina Member

    usa english
    WOW, that was really interesting to know (read the article you provided).
    Never had a clue!
    Thanks for the info!!
    You've come through with flying colors!!!! (once again) :)

  6. DondeEstaElStevo New Member

    You don't have to pay royalties as long as you sing it in the privacy of your home without recieving payment. It falls under the exception of public performance.


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