1. Julia Aloha New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    I don't know the meaning of this expression, it appears in the following context:

    But the endorsement did not come and the coup did not happen. Mr
    Armey, it seems, backed away when the plotters made it clear he was not
    their choice to be the new Caesar. Who was? None other than Mr Paxon –
    who on the morning of July 17th did the honourable thing and fell on his

    Could anybody help me , please?
  2. CumboBaz

    CumboBaz Senior Member

    In this context it probably means 'resigned' (from his job)

  3. Aliena

    Aliena Senior Member

    I've found that "fell on your sword" has two meanings:

    -offer your resignation
    -commit suicide

    Here is an explanation of the idiom

    Hope it helps

  4. Sylphadora

    Sylphadora Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish, Spain
    I have just heard it literally translated into Spanish in a TV film: se cayó sobre su propia espada. Ugh!! Horrible!! :thumbsdown: We don't say that in Spanish at all.
  5. jannr Senior Member

    English-United States
    He took the blame. Es bien posible que dimitió, pero por lo menos aceptó la responsabilidad de ...?

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