Felony trespassing

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    How would you translate "felony trespassing". In my context, a man says he has already been arrested for "felony trespassing", someone asks him "felony for what" and he answers "grand larceny".
    I know that "felony" is a "délit grave" et that "trespassing" is something like "violation de propriété privée", but it seems to me that in "felony trespassing", "trespassing" has a different meaning and that the syntagm has the general meaning of "felony". Am I wrong?


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    True, 'trespassing' literally means to enter someone's land without permission - ask any English speaker and they will give you this definition. But in a legal context I think the term is more general.

    I found this on a website:

    TRESPASS - An unlawful act committed with violence, ti et armis, to the person, property or relative rights of another. Every felony includes a trespass, in common parlance, such acts are not in general considered as trespasses, yet they subject the offender to an action of trespass after his conviction or acquittal.

    Now that is complicated English, but it basically means that to trespass is to commit a crime with violence...you say the crime was 'grand larceny', so the offender must have been violent towards the victim in the situation in order to obtain the money/property. So yes, you are right, 'trespassing' in 'trespassing felony' has the general meaning of 'felony'.

    Does that make sense?
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    Yes, it definitely makes sense.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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