female drudgery

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    In the book of "The reign of phallus:...";

    "...; and in Chapter 9 sex appeal of female drudgery is shown."

    I looked at the definition of drudgery and from there to menial and from menial I came to the definition of slavery which, in my opinion, fits the context more but if I substitute the drudgery with slavery does this substitution change the meaning?
  2. mplsray Senior Member

    It does change the meaning, yes.
  3. shiningstar

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    Thanks. Then, what does "female drudgery" mean?
  4. Loob

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    Hi shiningstar

    Here's dictionary.com/Random House on drudgery:

    And here's the WRF English definition dictionary entry.
  5. shiningstar

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    Thanks Loob for links. However, I know the definitions of both female and drudgery. The problem is I can't connect them in a proper way in my mind to give me the exact meaning.

    I appreciate your help :) Thank you
  6. Loob

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    Have a look at Chapter 9 in the text you mention: click.

    It suggests that women were valued at least in part for their ability to undertake hard monotonous tasks.
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    Hi Shiningstar,
    I like the word "drudgery", because the very sound of the word seems to evoke what it is; boring, repetitive, tedious, basic, uninspiring, boring activity. "Drudgery" is often used for such things as daily household chores, things that need to be done but nobody enjoys.

    There's probably a linguistic term for what I'm saying but I don't know it. The Wiki description of phenomenes and psychomemes sounds fairly similar, but here I think I'm straying off topic.
  8. shiningstar

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    I like it too, of course in my own language :) The problem showed up when it has come side-by-side with the word "female". Then I thought that the "female drudgery" actually refers to drudgery that specific to female gender. And the problem is solved.

    Thanks everybody.

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