Females rated sexual attraction (SA), weight control (WC)


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I am translating an article into English and I am not sure what verb should I use in the underlined sentence. I wonder whether expressed opinions on would fit the context better. Or maybe there is another verb that would be the best fit?

The text is provided only for the context.

Males and females participated in a study based on subjective Body Esteem Scale. BES, devised by Franzol and Shields, allows respondents to rate own body. The questionnaire comprises 35 items: 1. Body scent, 2. Appetite, 3. Nose, 4. Physical stamina, 5. Reflexes, 6. Lips, 7. Muscular strength, 8. Waist, 9. Energy level, 10. Thighs, 11. Ears, 12. Biceps, 13. Chin, 14. Body build, 15. Physical coordination, 16. Buttocks, 17. Agility, 18. Width of shoulders, 19. Arms, 20. Breasts/chest, 21. Appearance of eyes, 22. Cheeks, 23. Hips, 24. Legs, 25. Figure, 26. Sex drive, 27. Feet, 28. sex organs, 29. Appearance of stomach, 30. Health, 31. Sex activities, 32. Body hair, 33. Physical condition, 34. Face, 35. Weight. The items are subdivided into 3 subscales separate for both genders. Females rated sexual attraction (SA), weight control (WC) and physical condition (PC), while males rated physical attractiveness (PA), body strength (BS) and physical condition (PC).
Rating scale was based on 1-5 ratings, where the numbers indicated: 1 - strong negative feelings, 2 - moderate negative feelings, 3 - no feeling one way or the other, 4 - moderate positive feelings, 5 - strong positive feelings.
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    'Rated' is clear and perfectly appropriate in the context. It means 'gave a rating on [each point]'.
    Clarity may be increased if you start the sentence with 'For each item, females rated ...'
    The final sentence needs an article: 'The rating scale ...'
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