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My grammar book (Haywood, Nahmad) claims that the "sound feminine plural noun usually has its adjective in the feminine singular. This is occasionally so even when female human beings are concerned."

خادمات جميلات
خادمات جميلة

Both forms are possible according to the book, while the former is preferrable, especially in modern Arabic.

The book is an excellent but dated source. Could you please tell me whether خادمات جميلة would still be considered correct in MSA?


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    I don't think it would raise too many eyebrows but it sounds a little strange.

    I don't know what the technical rule is, though.


    خادمات جميلة
    مناظر جميلة
    منظر جميل
    خادمة جميلة
    سيارة جميلة
    سيارات جميلة
    both are correct and useable but as we all know Arabic speaking peoples use their own slang according to the country they came from otherwise all Arabs should understand each other .


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    I agree that مناظر جميلة and سيارات جميلة don't sound odd. خادمات جميلة or فتيات جميلة is less common. But we use it in colloquial Egyptian بنات جميلة، ستات (سيدات) جميلة
    Let's say that, in MSA, it goes more with the plural of objects, rather than with people.
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