Fermarsi al solito costume


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Sto traducendo un articolo sulla moda mare, che "non si ferma al tradizionale costume da bagno".

My attempt: that doesn't stop at the usual swimsuit

E' corretto o stop non si può usare in questo contesto?

Grazie in anticipo!
  • scappoincina

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    The complete sentence is
    Questa volta ci occupiamo della moda mare, che non si ferma al classico costume.

    After this the article just lists different types of swimsuit.

    This time we talk about beach fashion, that doesn't stop with the usual swimsuit, is it ok?


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    Hi scappoincina, hi Charles :)

    I know it doesn't translate scappoincina's sentence, but what about There's more to beachwear than your traditional swimsuit?
    Ugly? :eek:

    Hello everyone,
    here I continue the thread with a similar expression:
    'La descrizione della nobildonna si ferma al suo appeal esotico' - that is to say, nothing else is said about the woman, apart from the fact that she has a foreign accent which sounds intriguing.
    My attempt:
    "The depiction of the gentlewoman stops with/is limited to her exotic appeal'. I would really appreciate your opinion on this rendering, many thanks!


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    I prefer "is limited to" or "stops at" and description rather than depiction. Also "gentlewoman" doesn't really mean much, to me at any rate. Maybe "aristocratic woman"?


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    I think 'depiction' works if we're talking about literature. You could also just say 'noble woman' or 'lady'.
    'confined to' is another verb you can use.
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