1. frenchchica05 New Member

    United States, NY, English

    Is ferme la bouche an insult? In France do they think it's an insult?
    Is there a nicer way to say "Shut up"?
  2. dom5019 Member

    Australia - English
    I don't think it's that rude, though maybe somewhat abrubt.

    i know 'ta gueule' is quite rude

    you could use tais-toi, to say be quiet.
  3. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    "Ferme la bouche" is not said in France. The polite way is indeed "tais-toi!" and the rude way "Ferme ta gueule!" ou simply "Ta gueule!"
  4. gliamo Senior Member

    France, French
    Sometimes you will hear Ferme ta bouche ! for Ferme ta gueule !, from people who try not to use rude words. The short version is Ferme-la !

    Ferme la bouche is used in the set phrase Ferme la bouche quand tu manges.
  5. frenchchica05 New Member

    United States, NY, English
    Much thanks everyone! This is really helpful
  6. genjerleigh New Member

    I was told its a kid's way of telling someone to shut up. I remember saying it to a bunch of french canadians and they laughed at me because of that.

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