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Kenneth Barger

I suggest adding the French word “ferret.” It’s famously used in Les Trois Mousquetaires when some “ferrets de diamant” are stolen. I’m actually not familiar with it so I can’t say for sure what the proper translation is, but Wikipedia suggests “aglet.” Here’s the link:

Ferret (vêtement) — Wikipédia

Now that I look at it a little more, maybe an aglet is something that goes on a shoelace. Looks like in the English translations of The Three Musketeers they just say "diamonds" or in some cases "diamond pendants." Either way, it would be good to have an entry for this. Sorry I don't have more thorough information!
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    Thank you for your message. From the Wikipedia article, it would seem it's the little thing that goes on the end of a shoelace. I'll pass this over to the FR base and see what @Lacuzon thinks about adding it.


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    I'am glad to be able to be of assistance to the The Three Musketeers by adding this object!