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Hi all! I got problems translating "festival apparatus" in the following sentence:
"Monumental architecture remained indebted to the festival apparatus, the improvised scaffold with all its splendor ..."
My translation so far is:
"L'architecture monumentale resta redevable à l’apparat festif, à l’échafaudage improvisé avec toute sa splendeur ..."
Do you think it works? actually I think I don't understand what I am myself saying in French...!:(
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    Is there anything in what you're translating that explains a relationship between a scaffold with some sort of celebration?


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    OK, I think I see what it means. Scaffold can mean any raised platform, so can be used to describe any rudimentary stage or platform from which priests or performers addressed the assembled throng, like at festivals.

    So perhaps this scaffold, this raised platform, is seen as the basis, the starting point, of all 'monumental architecture,' which is designed to wow the plebes, right?
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