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    Could you help me? I'm completely embarrassed. How is it correct to say:

    baby recieved less TPN infusion
    baby recieved fewer TPN infusions

    The whole phrase:

    The baby continued to receive TPN infusion/infusions, but less/fewer.

    TPN - total parenteral nutrition

    Thank you in advance for your comments!
  2. entangledbank

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    Both make sense, and seem to be in common use on Google. The process can be regarded as a single continuing process of infusion, or as separate infusions with intervals of time between them. Depending on how you view it, and how much separation there is between acts of infusion, you can treat it as one mass infusion or a plural number of infusions.
  3. bicontinental Senior Member

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    Hi Cleare,

    Entangledbank makes a good point about the (total) volume of TPN vs. the number of individual infusions, however, in my opinion if you introduce the word infusion/s I think you have to use ‘fewer’, similar to ‘blood transfusion/s’. In other words,

    The patient received less TPN. (The patient received less blood.)

    The patient received fewer TPN infusions. (The patient received fewer blood transfusions.)


  4. Cleare Senior Member

    Thank you, bicontinental!:)

    Your comment is very useful!:thumbsup:

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