ff. Le Receveur, signé XY (acte luxemburgeois)

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I'm translating a notarial deed made in Luxembourg - minutes of an extraordinary general meeting of a company. At the end, there are the signatures of the appearing party and the notary, the number of the deed in the register, the amount of fees collected and in the last line, there's this strange abbreviation "ff.". It reads like that:

"(Signé), Cristine XX, Marc YY.
Enregistré à ..., le 1er avril 2015.
Reçu soixante-quinze euros.
75 EUR.
ff. Le Receveur, signé C. ZZ"

Could anyone help me decipher this?

Thank you very much in advance,
P's F.
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    Maybe it is for "francs", if the form is an old one created before the euro was adopted.

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    Hi, Hildy1,
    I also thought so, but it is a bit strange, as above there is the price given in euros, and it is not a form, it is a document typed on a computer and printed out. Maybe someone who knows the habits of notaries from Luxembourg will see it and give a hint...

    Thank you very much, anyway. Have a good day :)
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