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What is a "fiche réflexe"?
I've found some pictures on Google, but I don't see what is so special, or reflexive, about them.

Here is the context
Des outils, par exemple avec des fiches réflexes, leurs permettent d’anticiper les problèmes comme les interventions dans les commerces sensibles.

It's in an article about modernising the police.

My shot is: Tools, such as record files, enable them to anticipate problems before intervening in shopping malls in difficult zones.
I'm not too happy about the use of 'anticipate' here either.
  • JeanDeSponde

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    Fiche réflexe means something like "reflex-decision card", a sheet with simple text / drawings showing how to react automatically (reflex) in case of an emergency.


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    I'm looking for "fiche reflexe" too but this is not an emergency situation - it is simply about how a company should deal with visitors. It looks more like an "information sheet" to me. Any thoughts?


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    Thank you for the link USMEG, except in my case this is not an emergency situation, it's simply a procedure for receiving visitors so I wondered if there was anything less dramatic.


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    I'm also having trouble to translate "Fiche Réflexe".
    But in my case, it is about a software testing (acceptance testing ) that's taking place, the "fiches réflexes" according to my understanding is some type of intructions or guideline to go through the different tests scenarios of the acceptance testing by the Key-users.

    "Utilisation en support des modes opératoires et fiches réflexes pour une première appropriation par les k-users"

    Context: IT, ERP, Logiciel de gestion intégrée, Testing, Acceptance Test.

    Kelly B

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    These call to mind the Quick Guide/Quick Start Guide/Quick Reference Guide that sometimes appears at the front of a user manual, or that you can get as a single laminated sheet, for example a list of keystroke shortcuts for a new computer user.


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    Looking at the different formats and functions of these sheets, I don't think there's One Right Way of translating the term.
    Some that come to mind are "quick guide", "troubleshooting guide", and "Q&A sheet". The problem is you have to see the sheet to know which is best. :confused:
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