(Fictional hip hop lyrics) "Yung Wizzle Wozzle, Biggle boggle baby"


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Hello everyone.

I'm not an English native speaking person, and I'm trying to get the meaning of that sentence on a fictional hip hop song. I tend to believe they're a couple of derogative terms for women, but I'm far from being sure, and I didn't find them anywhere on the Internet.

If you need more context, it's about the SCP Foundation, specifically SCP-2137. And here you have the complete excerpt:

**Lil Wayne:**
Yung Wizzle Wozzle,
Biggle boggle baby I'm anomalous,
Got a room in Site 7 next to the talkin' hippopotamus
And you're forgiven but now you gotta feed the meter

Thank you in advance, and I'm sorry if it turns to be extremely rude or offensive.

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