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    Can someone advise of the correct translation of "fid" in this context? It features in a description of surgery for a prolapsed rectum.

    "Introduccion de trocar 10mm umbilical, 12mm en fid, 5mm flanco derecho e izquierdo. Liberacion de zona mesorrectal derecha hasta exponer sacro." The same term appears later "liberacion cara anterior rectal..."

    My translation is as follows: "Introduction of 10 mm umbilical trocar, 12mm in right iliac fossa, 5mm right and left side. Separation of right mesorectal plane to point of exposure of sacrum."

    Please can someone with medical knowledge advise if fid can mean fosa iliaca derecha in this case. Is it a common place to insert a trocar?
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    FID (fid) = Fosa Iliaca Izquierda = Left Iliac region


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