Fidgeting vs fiddling

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    I´m stdying words related to body language and I´ve come across the words "fidget and Fiddle" Is there any difference in meaning? probably there is, but I have looked these terms in the dictionay and they are presented as near synonyms
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    Both refer to small repetitious movements.

    I understand fidget to mean moving the body around needlessly or without a purpose. The movements are small, and the person stays in one place. Children often fidget in Church.
    They are sitting in one place, but shifting their bodies from side to side, swinging their legs, and so on.

    To me fiddle means to make repeated small adjustments to something, or to move it. Sometimes this will be movement without an external purpose, done out of nervousness or boredom. The boy fiddled with the buttons on his coat while the adults discussed politics.
    At other times, it can refer to small useful adjustments. She fiddled with the bow in her hair until it was perfect.
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    Thanks for answering! I see the difference ;)

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