field sprint (cycling)

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    Hola compañeros traductores/as, a ver, esto de field sprint alguien sabe a qué se refiere? No busco la idea general, sino el término específico utilizado en ciclismo. Os dejo el contexto:

    This means you’re going to have to be patient and uncork your
    best efforts close to the finish. In a criterium, this means saving your power
    for the final 10 laps, but it doesn’t mean you have to just sit on wheels and
    then sprint. Any move you want to pull, from a 5-lap breakaway to a last-lap
    flyer or a field sprint, is well within your capabilities.

    Un esprín en llano?
  2. JamesMag Member

    British English
    A field sprint is where the race leaders do a mass sprint towards the finish line at the end of a cycling race.
  3. espigat Senior Member

    Ahhhh!!!! Gracias

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