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    As I'm doing a technical architecture translation, I need to know the meaning of this term: FIELD TILE.
    I'd like it to be translated into Spanish, please.
    We are dealing with a project of rebuilding of a space to be a shop centre, and one of the types of "tile" on the flooring must be "FIELD TILE" (to cover the main area in the shop)
    I will be very recognized weather you can help me, as it is a very important thing for the company.
    Nice to hear from yours
    Isabel. Madrid.
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    Italian from Italy
    Hi ibel!

    I do not know the Spanish translation of two English terms but, I am able to explain you what they are.

    "Field tiles" are floor tiles decorated normally with a single color. These tiles are handicraft . The small variations of the dimensions, shape and texture create unique models of flooring [no wall].

    " Accent tiles" are industrial tiles decorated with an ornamental motif and are used in order to cover mainly the walls of luxurious bathrooms and/or kitchens [no flooring].


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