1. GoodGrief New Member

    California, USA
    My friend on facebook often writes something like:

    "Fierro pal (different words here) con los audaces"

    I have no idea what it means. I try to look up the words in dictionaries, but it just makes me more confused, so I'm guessing it might be slang? So, what is he saying when he writes things like that? He's in a band, so is it about that?
  2. grubble

    grubble Senior Member

    South of England, UK
    British English
    Hello and welcome!

    Maybe he is saying that he is a friend (pal) to the brave. Is his name surname Fierro?

    Fierro - friend to the gods/the brave -- EDIT - but I am not a native - see following post by Adelaida
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  3. Adelaida Péndelton

    Adelaida Péndelton Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    No, 'fierro' is an old way to say 'hierro' and in América can have these meanings:
    1. m. Am. hierro (‖ con que se marca el ganado).
    2. m. coloq. Col. y Ur. Arma blanca o de fuego.
    3. m. C. Rica. herramienta (‖ instrumento de trabajo).
    4. m. Méx. centavo (‖ moneda de algunos países).
    5. m. coloq. Ur. Dinero en monedas.
    6. m. ant. hierro. U. en América. En España, u. c. dialect.
    7. m. pl. Méx. dinero (‖ moneda corriente).

    Where does your friend come from?
  4. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
    My guess is that this is a local idiom, so this is the vital question.
  5. GoodGrief New Member

    California, USA
    My friend is Mexican, but I'm not sure which part of Mexico his family is from.

    I've just always been curious what he means when he posts stuff like that.

    Today he wrote, "Fierro pal jaripeo con los audaces!" People like his status so they must know what he's saying too, but I have no idea. Another one was "Fierro fiesta privada con los audaces!" yesterday. I've said before, he's in a banda, so could it be about that?

    I'm too shy to ask him directly because I don't want to seem dumb, but I'm just really curious what it means because he writes that a lot.
  6. Nipnip Senior Member

    In this context "fierro" means force, power; I think is short for "meterle/darle fierro" meaning "to up something". In sentences like the one you posted it means: Let's get moving to the rodeo with "los audaces" (which I assume to be a nortenio or Sinaloense band).

    In other words, "fierro" would be used to give intensity to a command or action.

    I would expect it to be rural slang or, if from a city, belonging to a low social stratus.

    I have heard it several times in narco movies during police chase "Métele fierro que nos van a alcanzar", I understand it to mean, "speed up, they're getting close".

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