fifteen-ninety on my SATs


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I am proofreading a trnaslation, but I can't quite understand what this character means here. The two are discussing about indications and where to go, unfortunately I have no further context.
HAYLEY: It's this way. You're looking at it wrong
LEO: I got fifteen-ninety on my SATs, I think I can read a map

So, I understand he got a good score on his SAT, but does fifteen-ninety express some kind of percentile or percentage? Does it convey a precise, direct meaning for the english-speaking audience? Thank you for your help!

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    I don’t know how they work, rhg, but this might help:

    How to Read Your SAT Score Report
    • Total Score (1) – The sum of the two Section Scores. This score ranges from 400 to 1600.
    He says he got 1590. The highest you can get seems to be 1600. Someone else might have a better idea on how it all works.
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