Fight no battle unprepared

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I'm looking for an idiom (AmE or BrE) vague enough to encompass the meaning of never doing anything wihtout enough consideration or preparation in the context of preparing a battle, a war, sport, getting ready for an exame or an interview. For example: To make the most out of your trip in America, you should plan it carefully. Don't go to an exame without preparation, you'ill fail! This general has never lost a battle because he always has his soliders well-prepared.

I've found some possibilities including 'Fight no battle unprepared', 'God only blesses prepared mind', 'Never be caught unaware' in my dictionary. But I'm not sure if they're idiomatic.

I would appreciate suggestions from native and experienced English speakers. Thanks in advance for your help!:)
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    Please give us a little more context, and tell us which of these phrases you would like to discuss in this thread.


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    Redwood's phrase does not mean starting something without proper preparation.
    That is the dictionary definition in several places :

    2) only partly ready; poorly prepared:
    "half-cocked solutions often change things for the worse" ·

    Definition of HALF–COCKED
    1. 2 : lacking adequate preparation or forethought <go off half–cocked>

    the definition of go off half-cocked

    2. lacking mature consideration or enough preparation; ill-considered or ill-prepared; half-baked.


    - Comes from hunting; a gun at half cock is in the safety position—so it came to mean "incompletely prepared."

    This last dictionary also has an alternate definition, which may be the one Parla is thinking of:

    go off half-cocked, to act or speak impulsively or thoughtlessly.
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