Fight vs. Fall out with somebody


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fight Vs Fall out

Can we replace those two words?? I was chatting with someone and he said ' I fight with her and we are no longer friends.' I am sure they did not hit each other because he was talking about his Email friend. So, I assume he meant to say that he fall out with her or had an argument with her. That's why I am asking. If I had a an argument with someone can I say that I fought with him?

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    "Fall out" to me implies a bit of a disagreement whereas "fight" would make me think there was a more forceful argument. Neither has to mean exchanging punches, but if punches were exchanged you could only use "fight" and not "fall out". So to answer your question, yes you can use "fight" to mean argue.


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    Despite a previous poster's advice and as we continually tell learners here, the Internet should never, ever, be used as a reference to the English language without validating the source.

    Our dictionary here, however, is a great help. See item #3

    fight/faɪt/n., v., fought/fɔt/ fight•ing.
    1. [countable]
      a battle or combat:a fight between the gangs.
    2. [countable]
      any contest or struggle:a tough fight for reelection.
    3. [countable]
      an angry argument or disagreement:a fight over who would use the car.
    4. [countable]
      a boxing bout:the champ's first fight in almost a year.
    5. ability, will, or inclination to fight, keep trying, or resist:She still had some fight left in her.
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