figure’s prototype was probably a Roman figure of Victory

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Blue Apple

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Does the bold sentence imply "This sculpture was probably copied from another sculpture of a victorious Roman military commander"?

Paintings, mosaics, and sculptures of this early Christian world describe the spiritual world. Nonetheless, they reuse classical forms for their own purposes. An example is a small ivory carving of St Michael the Archangel (early sixth century). The figure’s prototype was probably a Roman figure of Victory. We can deduce this from St Michael’s flowing and animated drapery and the carefully delineated feathers on his wings. He even looks pre-Christian, with his curly Roman hairstyle (Art and War by Laura Brandon).
  • Uncle Jack

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    "Victory" here refers to the winged Roman God (which the Wikipedia page names as "Victoria" but I usually hear named, in statues at least, as "Victory", although the statues I know of are from the last 200 years rather than Roman).
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