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Hello everyone. I would like to know what "figure not spoilt yet" means in the following sentences:

'I suppose you have the oddest old-fashioned ideas of such people. No, I rather like the look of her. Simpatica, I should think, as that ass Whelpdale would say. A very delicate, pure complexion, though morbid; nice eyes; figure not spoilt yet.'

- George Gissing, New Grub Street, Chapter 1

Jasper Milvain, the protagonist of this novel which was first published in 1891 in the United Kingdom, who lived in London and wanted to be successful as a literary man, visited his mother's house in the fictional town Wattleborough for a holiday. One day, he went out for a walk, whereupon he saw the literary critic Alfred Yule and his daughter Marian Yule on the lane. Returning home, he told about his encounter to his mother and sisters, saying that they were obvious literary people. Then, his sister Maud asked him whether Miss Marian Yule was such a fright then, whereupon Jasper responded that Maud appeared to have an odd-fashioned idea of literary people, and that he rather liked her appearance, commenting that her "figure" was "not spoilt yet."

In this part, I would like to know what "figure" means in this context in particular.
Does it indicate Marian's bodily contour?
And is it right Jasper is commenting on her bodily form that it is still fit and balanced, which would be easily spoiled by old age or some other factors, by the expression "not spoilt yet"?

I would very much appreciate your help. :)
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    Yes, you are correct. It is about her body shape and how it still looks nice, not spoiled by old-age or similar.

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    Dear Chez,

    Thank you very much for the explanation.
    Then Jasper was talking about her bodily shape.
    I sincerely appreciate your help, as always. :)
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