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I was flipping through a magazine and a sentence caught my eye. A famous teenage girl was asked about whether she had advice for those teens who start a new course at a new school and she said the following:

I think that’s always a vulnerable experience being the new kid in school or being the freshman, you’re still figuring out the waters and figuring out who you are and where you stand in the social circles of high school.

what does it mean? I´ve made a research on the internet but I´ve not found anything on the matter.

I hope you all help me. thanks
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    I think she needs to figure out her English rather than the waters! It seems to me that she is confusing 'figuring something out,' or trying to understand something, with 'testing the water,' a metaphor we use to indicate that someone is attempting to make sense of a new situation - just as you would stick your toe into the sea to test the temperature before jumping in. Also, I don't think an experience can be vulnerable, though it might make a person feel so.
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