1. Veruveru New Member

    Spanish and English
    Hi, there!I need to know how to say: ´´fijar las grasas´´ in English. By this I mean when you eat unhealthily and do not work out. Also when you eat or drink sth something that produces this effect (such as alcoholic drinks). I thought it was ´´to fix fat´´ but this does not sound English at all, does it?
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  2. fobits

    fobits Senior Member

    Canada, English
    No, I'm afraid that it doesn't, and especially not in the plural: to fix fats. :D

    I would say:

    to put on fat
    to get fat
    to put on weight
    to gain weight

    The last two are more polite.
  3. Veruveru New Member

    Spanish and English
    THANKS for your help!V.
  4. WestSideGal

    WestSideGal Senior Member

    English, US
    I think this is more along the lines of "watching/paying attention to (one's) fat intake" rather than "fixing fat".
  5. Veruveru New Member

    Spanish and English
    Right. I think that Fobits´answer is the most appropriate one. It is exactly what I wanted to say.

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