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    Hi everyone,

    I'm really grappling with "fil" in this particular context.
    The text is a biospy report for a patient with cancer of the glans penis. I've got "fil" in the following phrases:
    "1 - curage inguinal radical droit (lambeau cutané) - 1 fil ext. 2 fils int."
    "2 - curage inguinal radical gauche [...] 1 fil sup. médian; 2 fils int. superficiels; 1 fil veine saphene ostium fémoral"
    "3 - Glansectomie (extemporané sur fil)"

    "ligature" has been suggested and I've got the reference below but I still can't seem to come to a conclusion.
    Can anyone help?!

    Reference: Operative Anatomy
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    surgery thread?
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