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Hello everyone,

I want to tanslate the expression "file d'attente" in order to insert it in a technical network documentation.

My guess : queuing

Do you think this translation is correct ?

Any suggestion would help !

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    Thank you, I was wondering if there was not a mathematic expression to say it, but if this is fine, I'll take it !
    In computer science, the noun is the queue. Consult the MW on line dictionary. :)
    What are the 'mathematical items ' en file d'attente'?

    If the sentence is être (or former) en file d'attente, depending on the exact context, you might be right using the verb to queue : queing, queing up or : waiting in line, standing in line, forming a line.


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    Thank you for this very complete answer !

    In fact, i'm working on a testing documentation for switching devices. I'm making an enumeration of all tests I should do and one of them is :
    - Tester la gestion de la file d'attente.

    i'm thinking of the following translation :
    - Testing queing management

    What do you think of that ?

    Thanks very much for your help anyway !

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    Now this is strange, I have always learnt that queue, like age, are nouns where the final e is kept when adding the -ing ending. But all dictionaries mention both spelling indeed.


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    AE uses queue only in the IT context: This document is queued up for printing.

    (The other kind of " file d'attente " is known in AE as a line.)
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