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    I am trying to formulate a translation for "filed under seal", as well as "unsealed." I provide more context below:

    "As all False Claims Act cases are filed under seal, it is crucial that you keep any information related to the case confidential until the complaint is unsealed."

    My attempt:

    Como todas las reclamaciones del Acta de Reclamaciones Fraudulentas se presentan (selladas/ bajo sello?), es crucial que usted mantenga privada cualquiera información relacionada al caso hasta que la queja (se hace público/ se revela al público?).

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  2. Anwar Boylston Senior Member

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    The idea of filed under seal (at least in New York) is that the filing is confidential. Bajo sello does not necessarily carry that meaning. Cerrado is better; bajo sello de confidencialidad is better though a touch wordy.

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