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In Richard Brinsley Sheridan's The School for Scandal, a person is mentioned, his name is 'Filigree Flirt', he is just mentioned once as a man who escapes with Mrs. Gadabout, Gadabout is someone who is always out, my question is why do you think the man is called filigree, his last name 'FLIRT' is easy to comprehend but I can not get the point of his first name choice, perhaps he deceives women by intricate plots or by gold and silver? Can you help me?

I was told that Miss Gadabout had eloped with Sir Filagree Flirt.
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    In a paper about the play, published here, the author says:

    Giving suggestive names to characters to underline their personalities or attitudes was one of the trademarks of the Restoration era. Sheridan continued this tradition with great talent and we see this reflected in The School for Scandal.

    Apart from the very obvious names like Snake and Backbite, we have:Lady Sneerwell: one who speaks in a bitter, sneering manner. Crabtree: sour and crabbed in personality. Mrs Candour: the opposite of the truth for she is neither open nor truthful. Miss Gadabout: silly and frivolous. Miss Evergreen: always looking young. Sir Filigree Flirt: delicate and precious. Miss Tattle: idle gossip. Lady Stucco: face plastered with make-up as stucco is a fine plaster used to cover walls. Miss Simper: smirking or smiling affectedly. (Heath xxv).

    All of which sounds very plausible to me.
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