Filipino: a cover of a book


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I believe that ‘the cover of the book’ is ang balat ng aklat. I hope that’s right?
But how do I say ‘a cover of a book’, please? I.e. the same but indefinite instead of definite.
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  • I would say "isang cover ng libro."

    By the way, we don't often make a distinction between 'a' and 'the' especially in the spoken language so if you're going to construct a sentence using that, it would sound as if it was taken from a grade school story book. (We do use "isang" to express the number instead of definiteness).

    Here's an example sentence:
    Cover ng libro 'yan. -That's a cover of a book.

    These days, "balat" is only used to say "skin," "peel," or perhaps "outer layer." I think I remember learning in school that it's called "pamalat" but vaguely, I don't call it that. I just say "cover."
    "Aklat" also is hardly ever used nowadays except maybe in writing. Both the Spanish "libro" and the English "book" have taken over.

    I hope you find this useful.