Filipino languages, non-Tagalog: TNT

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    In my dialect TNT (Tago Nang Tago) will appear as Tago Nin Tago. I am not sure with other dialects but if I a am to speak about the Filipinos who are in hiding in abroad, then i'll say TNT rather than the whole Tagalog phrase and besides TNT is readily known and understood as a name for undocumented Filipino migrants.

    If I am NOT talking about the Filipinos in hiding, then I'll say its counterpart in my dialect.

    By the way, I speak Bicol, a dialect in the Philippines.

    Thank you for reading.


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    To niernier:

    Bicol is NOT a dialect. It is a REGIONAL LANGUAGE.

    Dialects are supposed to be variations of a single language.

    For example:
    There are many dialects based on Tagalog. The Tagalog spoken in Bulacan is different from the one spoken in, say, Cavite or maybe Manila.

    Just making things clear.