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sueno dulce

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I want to know the meaning of "fill-in" in this sentence:

<Journal article writing assumes that the reader can "fill-in" many unstated steps.>

Waiting for the answer...
  • Here it means "to supply; to know and to be able to provide without assistance that which has been left unsaid or undescribed".

    For example, If I were giving you a recipe for Hollandaise sauce and said "take the yolks of three eggs..." I would expect you to "fill-in" the thought "take three eggs, crack them, separate the whites from the yolks, and just use the egg yolks."


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    It's short for "fill in the blanks." A "blank" is a place in a text where text has been omitted. For example: "He arrived on June __, 2007."

    The idea here is that it's not necessary for the author of a journal article to state everything about a topic; the readers can (figuratively) fill in the blanks themselves.
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