filled the lake to excess

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The heavy rain last night has filled the lake to excess; if it keeps raining, a flood will occur.

Does this sentence sound good, especially the underlined part? If not, how would you word it? Thanks.
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    It sounds OK to me, though perhaps a touch flowery. I might say:

    The heavy rains last night increased the water level of the lake. If it keeps raining, a flood will occur.


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    You can't "fill a lake to excess." The word "excess" implies "more than" and you cannot fill a lake past its capacity. You can fill a lake to capacity, and the additional water will be excess water.

    Depending on what you mean, you might use a different word.

    "The heavy rain last night filled the lake to the brim; if it keeps raining, a flood will occur." means the lake was filled to, but not in excess of its capacity.

    With respect to your original sentence, if you could somehow "fill a lake to excess," a flood would be implied because there is more water than the lake can hold and therefore there already is a flood.

    c ya
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