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There is no example of the word "filled" in french (from French to English). In a sentence: the cave was filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that made it glow. However, it is a posted definition. Thanks
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    Hello, Ethan1234567890, and thank you for your comment :)

    Actually, you can see the translation here:

    be filled with [sth] adj(be full of [sth])être rempli de [qch] vi + adj + prép
    (nourriture)être fourré à [qch] vi + adj + prép
    The pastries are filled with cream cheese.
    Les pâtisseries sont fourrées au fromage frais.

    But I'll ask the English team whether they could add a Sentence that looks like yours.


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    Thank you for your message. I have added a sentence. It will go to our translation teams for review and, once that's been done, will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.