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    How do you call the words used as fillers?
    Here is what I managed to find (and of course any corrections of interpretation are welcome):

    Russian - слова-паразиты (parasite words)
    Spanish - muletilla (crutches)
    French - tic de langage (bad speech habit)
    Czech - slovní vata, výplň, vycpávka (verbal cotton wool, filler, padding)
    Dutch - Stopwoord (plug word)
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    Wata slowna, in Polish. This is a linguistic term, it is not everyday language, and many people may not know it. It is called redundancy in English. I am not sure what it is called in Lithuanian as a proper linguistic term. I have to do some research.
    I think it is atleidimas in in Lithuanian, but there may be another term.
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    In Greek:

    «Πληρωτικές λέξεις»
    /pliroti'ces [nominative feminine pl.] 'leksis [nominative feminine pl.]/
    lit. "filler words"
    «λέξεις πληρώσεως»
    /'leksis [nominative feminine pl.] pli'roseos [genitive feminine sing.]/
    lit. "words of filling"
  4. Encolpius

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    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hungarian: töltelékszavak [töltelék filling + szavak words]
  5. DenisBiH

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    (sg. poštapalica)

    From štap "cane; stick".
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  6. Holger2014 Senior Member

    German: Füllwörter (lit. 'fill words')
  7. SuperXW

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    According to P.R.China's modern grammar, they are usually called:
    语气助词 literally "tone assistant word".
    However, these words are extremely complicate in Chinese. Some of them are unnecessary filters, like in English; some of them are required or preferred in certain structures or moods.
  8. Armas Senior Member


    täytesana or tilkesana

    täyte = filling
    tilke = gasket used in wooden structures (log houses)
    sana = word

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