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    Archives of French television.
    Includes all kind of programs from documentary films to detective series.
    Downloading is payware but many short excerpts can be seen for free. You need Quick Time in order to be able to read the clips.

    Here's the link


    Dépêche Mod (AL mod)
    French (lower Normandy)
    French TV stations

    France's TV2 channel - la chaine TV2
    JT de France 2 - lien direct vers le journal télévisé, direct link to the afternoon/evening news video stream. Many other videos are available in the culture, sports, news, etc. categories.

    France's TV3 channel - la chaine TV3
    JT de France 3 - éditions nationales & régionales du journal télévisé, direct link to national and regional editions of the news in streaming video. Many other short videos are available categories like culture, sports, etc.

    France's TV5 channel - La chaine TV5

    Includes links to different resources for learning French, including :
    Certains rubriques sur la page d'accueil peuvent être utiles aux étudiants de français, dont :
    Theatre / théâtre - Explore a complete new play every two weeks. The broadcast can be seen in many parts of the world. Extracts from the current play, with script, and longer interviews are available on the website.
    Tous les 15 jours, découvrez une nouvelle pièce de théâtre en intégralité.​
    Apprendre le français
    7 jours sur la planète - news and exercises bases on news videos
    Gastronomy, Arts, Politics, etc., with video based interactive exercises at several levels.

    Langue française
    This is a magazine style site about the French language. There are several audio based exercises, as well as games, eg word Tetris and crosswords. There are transcripts available, in the form of corrections, for the dictations of Bernard Pivot.
    "Merci Professeur" is a rich resource of short videos, about French words or expressions, by Bernard Cerquiglini.
    France24 - Version en langue française - English language version
    L'actualité internationale 24h/24 avec vidéo en direct et podcasts vidéo.
    International news 24/7, with streaming video and video podcasts.
    Merci, pyan !
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    Dépêche Mod (AL mod)
    French (lower Normandy)
    Euronews with videos in 7 different languages, including English & French + transcripts
    (I don't know if it should be here, maybe it is already in the resources but god, it is good, I don't often see videos on the Internet)
    Franco-German Cultural TV channel, with live streaming and archived programs. There is also a German version of the site.
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    Portal sites / Sites portails
    Providing links to free online TV channels around the world:
    Thanks to Arrius!
    Lists over 2500 sources at the time of writing, most of which appear to be current and active judging by my own explorations of the site. The entries are categorised by country, stream type and content type, so it makes finding something useful amongst the multitude of choices a little easier.
    Thanks to someone on Facebook for the information and link.
    Moroccan site indexing streaming video clips from several dozen French-language TV stations (as well as stations from elsewhere in the world). It may sometimes be faster to load the station directly, rather than watching through this portal, assuming the video you want is available on that station's site. Site marocain regroupant des clips vidéo de quelques dizaines de chaînes télévisées françaises (ainsi que d'autres clips venant d'ailleurs dans le monde). Si le clip qui vous intéresse est disponible sur le site de la chaîne en question, il sera parfois plus simple de s'y rendre directement, plutôt que de le regarder sur ce portail.
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