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Hello again,

I'd like to ask you about a sentence written by a student:

'The latest film directed and played by X. is really fantastic because it presents certain problems and it's based on real life.' (X. = the name of an actor)

I suppose 'played by' should be replaced here with 'starred by.'

By the way, it also seems to me to that 'certain problems and it's based on real life' should be replaced with 'some true problems based on real life experiences / story / events'

Thank you for your help in advance.
  • Chasint

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    The latest film directed by and starring X.
    The latest film starring and directed by X.


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    :thumbsup::thumbsup:I agree. Here are some more:

    The film is played by Pitt.:cross:
    The film is starred by Pitt.:cross:
    The film stars Pitt.:tick:
    Pitt stars in the film.:tick:
    Pitt is the star of the film.:tick:
    Pitt plays the leading role in the film.:tick:
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