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Hi, I am wondering about the use of starring in a sentence.
The first construction that comes to mind is : A film starring Denzel Washington. But I have heard (in an English class about cinema) : Leonardo Di Caprio is starring in it. Is this correct ? Can you ask for example "Who is starring in this film ?" It sounds strange to me, I'd like a native speaker's confirmation ! Thanks in advance.
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    Both are correct. Star can be used as a transient and an intrasient verb as defined bythefreedictionary: 3. To present or feature(a performer) in a leading role.

    1. To play the leading role in a theatrical or film production.

    So you can ask "Who is starring in it?";)


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    I would like to add that asking "Who is starring in this film" implies that filming has not yet finished, and that the actors are still at work! Once the film has been released, you would ask "Who stars in this film?"


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    I'm not sure it's that clearcut, Istarion. I agree that starring has a connotation of action and immediacy and that it's the best choice for a movie that is still being filmed, but I can also very easily imagine sitting in a movie theater waiting for the film to start and saying either "Who's starring in this?" or "Who stars in this?"
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