Films en noir et blanc

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  1. Bowie New Member


    I 'm going to do a presentation about the evolution of cinema. But I'm not sure about the title.
    And how do yo say " film en noir et blanc " in english, I didn't find the translation.
  2. viandeovine Member

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    Hello Bowie

    Its just "black and white films"
  3. Franglais1969

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    Du fait, bienvenue sur le forum. :)
  4. Bowie New Member

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Anna-chonger Senior Member

    j'ai vu dans le dictionnaire du FW film noir et blanc (sans en). Est-ce film noir et blanc et film en noir et blanc sont tous les deux corrects et courants ?
    Merci !
  6. Psy444 Senior Member

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    Both are correct, film en noir et blanc is more formal, "Film noir et blanc" is technical and kinda slangy in the area...

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