fin de non-recevoir


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I am having some difficulty in translating this sentence:

La fin de non-recevoir opposée aux socialistes par les intellectuels en 1983 était bien la preuve qu'ils demeuraient comme tels.

I am not sure whether fin de non-recevoir means a flat refusal against the socialists in this context nor what "comme tels" is referring to. Does this mean to remain as such and if so "such" what? Intellectuals?

I don't understand this and I would be so grateful if someone could help.

Many thanks!
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    "La fin de non recevoir" does indeed mean "the categorical refusal": "The blatant and categorical refusals with which the intellectuals opposed the socialists in 1983 was proof enough that they, indeed, remained ..."

    But without context it's impossible to figure out either what "ils" refers to in the subordinate clause or what "tels" refers to. If the text is about the resistance of intellectuals to social change, then it probably refers to them; if it's about socialists, then it probably refers to them.


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    It is about the the relationship between politics and intellectuals, so I am guessing it refers to the intellectuals too. That last part of the sentence just seemed a little vague... but you have greatly helped now so thank you very much!
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