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Discussion in 'English Only' started by biggolf, May 16, 2013.

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    Hi guys. I'm trying to understand this term "finagled an introduction." Found it in a book called The Strain (Guillermo Del Toro / Chuck Hogan).

    Here's the context.

    [ This had followed three full decades of searching and researching, of exploring that seam where myth and legend met historical reality. Palmer finally tracked down the Ancients themselves, and finagled an introduction. ]

    I looked up the dictionary and the word finagle alone doesn't make any sense in this context. Then I tried to look up the team "finagled an introduction" which I saw that it has been used elsewhere but couldn't find a definition. I think I understand the general meaning of the whole paragraph but just want to make sure I don't miss out on any connotation the term "finagled an introduction" has to offer. Please help. Thank you very much.
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    Here is a definition from WR dictionary for finagle:
    Why do you think that it doesn't make sense here? I presume "the Ancients" are people who live in seclusion and don't normally talk to outsiders, but that Palmer had somehow, by fair means or foul, arranged to be personally introduced to them so that he could interview them.
  3. biggolf Member

    Thanks Edinburgher. You presume correctly. The Ancients are the original Vampires in the book and they always stay low profile. I didn't think about it that way before (may be I always assume that The Ancients are so intelligence nobody could trick them. Also, they are very powerful being that could snap you in half without any effort). But it makes more sense now that you mentioned it.

    So, in a way, he tricked them into having an audience with him against their will. Correct?
  4. Edinburgher Senior Member

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    Yes, that's more or less how I interpret it. I don't know about Palmer tricking the actual Ancients, though, because given what you say that would be a very foolish thing to do. I would think it more likely that he had tricked/bribed/persuaded someone else, a kind of go-between, to convince the Ancients to agree to meet him.
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    That's too strong. There may have been an element of trickery involved, but it could also have been a matter of finding someone who could introduce him to someone would could introduce him to someone else, etc., until he reached them, or it could have been a matter of winning their friendship by sending them something that attracted their interest ... There are dozens of possibilities, many of them honest. Without more context, which the book may not provide, we simply don't know.

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